Past Retreats

Abaco, Bahamas - August 2017

Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka - March 2018

Retreat Testimonials

 DJ and Tie (along with host superstar Kalin) created an incredibly magical, safe, comfortable, authentic and humbling space for a small group of strangers to become family. From the fantastic variety of yoga practices, to amazing guest teachers, to the delectable pescatarian/vegetarian/vegan meals, to the hospitality of the locals, to swimming with stingrays and pigs (yes - pigs!), to the opportunity to embrace and be empowered by mother Earth, the ocean and the sun, this is an experience that I will cherish forever. My mind, body and soul are united and empowered.

Jess - Portland, OR

Every single thing about the YoUnite and Empower retreat was purely breathtaking! From the scenery, to the chef and hotel staff, to the boat and island adventures, it was all amazing. Every one was so different and came to this retreat to gain something different. However, even though we all were a part of the same trip, everyone left gaining more than enough of what is was they came to get. I'm a loyal, retreater, can't wait for the next one!

DJ and Tie are two of the kindest people I have ever met. They made me feel welcome and supported my yoga journey.

Noura - Ottawa, Canada

The retreat was absolutely amazing, from the location, to the classes, to the meals. Everything came together perfectly. Tie & DJ were readily available to all retreaters if anyone had concerns and interacted so well with everyone. We really built a community together. It also felt like a vacation, while being a yoga retreat. The down time to do what we wanted was perfect. It didn't feel like we were on a strict schedule.

Dara - Bronx, NY

DJ and Tie will take you on a journey of self identification and empowerment. You will be guided through daily yoga and meditation in the most beautiful of settings which will make you more aware of your truths and open you up to new possibilities. Enjoy the's a great ride

Lucas - Tulare, CA

I am so grateful that this was my first yoga retreat experience! Although all the spirits that came together were of different journeys and levels of practice, our hosts provided an environment in which these differences became insignificant. Without knowing much about any of the participants, Tie and DJ connected with each of us effortlessly, provided genuine love, support and guidance, and made this experience truly unforgettable. Here, on this retreat, there was a strong bond created between like-minded strangers and I am truly humbled to know that I was a part of it. I'm definitely looking forward to doing this again in the very near future.

Noelle - Las Vegas, NV

Where to start? Tie and DJ are a pair of humble, talented, and authentic human beings. They really set the tone for all of us right out the gate, making sure everyone felt welcomed and included. As yoga session instructors their instructions were clear, encouraging, motivating, and the sessions were challenging and rewarding! The yoga workshops (inversion and acro) were just as fulfilling, and allowed a more interactive environment in which we were encouraged to ask questions freely. Tie and DJ were very good at demonstrating, and guided us as we made our own attempts to grow in our individual practices. In addition to all the yoga, we had many opportunities to enjoy each other's company, enjoy our own company, explore the island, and relax on the beach. For me, it was the perfect combination of activities to create an outstanding experience. We had a day of exploration where we visited five cays, and experienced a different aspect of the island on each one - including swimming with/feeding pigs, stingrays, and turtles. And everything is optional. A HUGE thank you to Kalin for coordinating this experience with Tie and DJ. Lastly, Hopetown Lodge is awesome! The staff are great, our chef, Romero, was awesome, the rooms were comfy, and the beach is right in the backyard - don't need much more than that! We had three delightful meals a day. As for the other attendees - "Your vibe attracts your tribe" couldn't have been more true in this case. Although out of their immediate control, DJ and Tie (had to switch it up one time lol) attracted an amazing group of people who genuinely want to grow, and want each other to grow. I really enjoyed sharing this part of my journey with them, sharing myself in general, and learning more about their journeys as well. The experience reinforced the importance of compassion, vulnerability, and acceptance of humans who walk/have walked a different path than my own. Thank you, Tie and DJ, for facilitating this experience, and thanks everyone for the unforgettable memories!

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